Why React experience is required for almost every front-end programming job in 2020

React.js has seen a massive rise in recent years to become the standard requirement for development jobs. Before 2015, many Javascript libraries were popular with different slices of the fractured developer community. Then in 2015 the React Javascript library became so popular that React experience became an absolute prerequisite for frontend jobs. Why is React required experience and how did it become the de-facto framework for so many organizations? We take a look at the important highlights you need to know.


Make fast websites with SSR (Server-Side Rendering) and GatsbyJS

Speed is a competitive advantage when it comes to high-value web metrics like SEO rankings and e-commerce sales. Many sites are built on bloated frameworks and are not optimized for speed, creating an opportunity for savvy developers and marketers to gain an edge by building sites that load extremely quickly. Take a look at Gatsby.js or another SSR tool to get started with SSR today.