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Terms like "The Tech Guy" can discourage girls from getting into tech

I was in a first-grade classroom recently when there was an issue with the TV and the teacher said that the tech guy would have to come in and resolve the problem. Are some kids sitting there thinking that this kind of job is literally reserved for men?

I’d recently listened to the book Radical Candor by Kim Scott and in the book Kim describes a time when she was in an elementary school classroom and the teacher asked the class a question. The teacher phrased the question beginning with: “Hey guys, what’s the answer to…?” and the handful of children that raised their hands to answer, Kim noticed, were all boys. Later on Kim asked the girls in the class why none of them had raised their hand and the response was “well, the teacher asked the guys that question”

So here I am in my kid’s class and I am pretty sure some of the 6 and 7 year old girls in the class are getting the wrong idea when someone says the tech guy has to fix the TV. In this case, a few of the girls offered suggestions on fixing the problem and I jumped in with oh you have lots of tech girls in the class too. The teacher caught on and said yes we have lots of tech kiddos.

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